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What course do you need?

The level of the first aid course is pretty much based on 2 criteria.

  1. How far away is help?
  2. What are the chances of a serious injury / illness? (risk)

This can help you decide what is best for you. WSIB sets minimum standards. Nothing says you cannot make your own assessment and move to a higher level. The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association has an excellent resource for this. (click here to view)

Emergency First Aid:  Low risk  Help close by (< 15 minutes)

Standard First Aid: Medium to high risk  Help up to 2 hours away

Wilderness & Disaster First Aid: High to Extreme risk. Help more than 2 hour away or non-existent

Wilderness First Aid & Disaster: When you can't call 911

When the outdoors stops being fun.

Wilderness First Aid

Do you like the great outdoors?  What happens when good times go bad?  Call 911, right?  what if you are more than 2 hours, or more, away from help? Our wilderness First Aid courses will prepare you for when YOU are 911!

16 hours in class and a field training day. 

prerequisite: Standard First Aid & CPR



Emergency First Aid

This 8 hour course gives you the basics to help in a life threatening injury or illness. It will give you the skills to keep someone alive until help arrives. This course is good for business that, normally, have less than 7 employees on-site.

  • Scene Assessment
  • Patient Assessment
  • Critical Interventions: Clear airways, rescue breathing, Adult CPR, catastrophic bleeding control


Standard First Aid

To be used in the the workplace this 16 hour course must be recognized by the Workplace Insurance Safety Board.

This course also gives you a BLS CPR certificate.

We can customize the times to your needs as long as we get 16 hours. (ex.  2 days @ 8 hours / day  or  4 days @ 4 hours / day or 8 days)    


Whatever meets your needs!