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What course do you need?

The level of the first aid course is pretty much based on 2 criteria.

  1. How far away is help?
  2. What are the chances of a serious injury / illness? (risk)

This can help you decide what is best for you. WSIB sets minimum standards. Nothing says you cannot make your own assessment and move to a higher level. The Infrastructure Health & Safety Association has an excellent resource for this. (click here to view)

Emergency First Aid:  Low risk  Help close by (< 15 minutes)

Standard First Aid: Medium to high risk  Help up to 2 hours away

Advanced Wilderness & Disaster First Aid: High to Extreme risk. Help more than 1 - 2 hour away or non-existent

Wilderness First Aid & Disaster: When you can't call 911

When the outdoors stops being fun.

Wilderness First Aid

Do you like the great outdoors?  What happens when good times go bad?  Call 911, right?  what if you are more than 2 hours, or more, away from help? A natural disaster? Foreign travel? Our Advanced Wilderness & Disaster First Aid courses will prepare you for when YOU are 911!

The Advanced course is 40 hours. Every WFA course covers Standard First Aid. In order to keep our course to one weekend we ask all participants to have had Standard First Aid prior to taking this course.  If there are groups that would like to do the whole 40 hours, we are more than happy oblige.

Generally, we run the course as a residential weekend. Often using one end of the hall for instruction and the other for sleeping (cot & sleeping bag)

Meals are supplied.

Course Includes:


How to move patients

Lifts and carries

Learn to improvise traction splints, stretchers, cervical collars

How to set bones (advanced skill)

Relocate dislocated joints (advanced skill)

Medications (advanced skill)

Learn critical thinking strategies

And much more

prerequisite: Standard First Aid & CPR


Is your course certified?

Yes it is, by the Emergency Care & Safety Institute.

Who is the Emergency Care and Safety Institute?

Is it approved by WSIB?

WSIB does not approve, or certify any Wilderness First Aid courses or Emergency First Responder or Emergency Medical Responder courses. WSIB only approves Emergency & Standard First Aid if it is used in the workplace. The first 16 hours of WFA or AWFA is often Standard First and is done through one of the WSIB approved providers.

Where can I find the standards for Wilderness First Aid?

In most of Canada, including Ontario, there are no governmental standards on any courses except as stated above.

Then how do I know I am getting value for my money.

Talk to the training agency. Ask to see a copy of their curriculum. Ask about their Instructors. What is their background? Training? Experience?

So, you are saying that I could invent my own Wilderness First Aid course and sell it?

`Unfortunately, yes you can and not just Wilderness First Aid, Advanced First Aid, Emergency First Responder, Emergency Medical Responder, have no legislated standards in most of Canada, including Ontario

What is an "Advanced Skill"?

An Advanced Skill is one that is normally outside the skill range of an average person.For example, if your friend trips, on your front lawn, and breaks his arm.  Resetting the bone and administering pain medication would be practicing medicine without a licence. But, if you are hours, or days, away from help, it is a different matter. These skills are not taught lightly but, could make a real difference to someone.


Emergency First Aid

This 8 hour course gives you the basics to help in a life threatening injury or illness. It will give you the skills to keep someone alive until help arrives. This course is good for business that, normally, have less than 7 employees on-site.

  • Scene Assessment
  • Patient Assessment
  • Critical Interventions: Clear airways, rescue breathing, Adult CPR, catastrophic bleeding control


Standard First Aid

To be used in the the workplace this 16 hour course must be recognized by the Workplace Insurance Safety Board.

This course also gives you a BLS CPR certificate.

We can customize the times to your needs as long as we get 16 hours. (ex.  2 days @ 8 hours / day  or  4 days @ 4 hours / day or 8 days)    


Catastrophic Bleeding Course

This 3 hour course is available anyone however, it is geared around those involved in shooting sports or hunting who want a greater degree of specific training on penetrating wounds.

Course includes:

  • the "Critical Minute"
  • basic anatomy
  • wound ballistics
  • pressure points
  • hemostatic dressings
  • Tourniquets
  • CPR
This course was developed by a Range Officer and a Paramedic.