Global Emergency Medical Consultants & Training Ltd.


Are your courses certified?

Yes, all our courses are certified through either Heart & Stroke Canada, Canadian Red Cross or the Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ECSI)

Is this certification accepted by Ontario's Workplace Health & Safety Board (WSIB)?

Yes it is, our first aid certifying agencies are Heart & Stroke and Canadian Red Cross, they are both a WSIB agency.

I took a full Standard First Aid course last time, is there a shorter re-certification?

Under Ontario WSIB rules, there are a couple of conditions. 1. You must recertify before your current card expires.

2. It must be with the same certifying agency as your current card. That does not mean that you must take the class with the same instructor agency, like us, if you hold a Red Cross card now, the recertification must be a Red Cross course.

For example, if you certified though us and have a Heart & Strike card you cannot recertify in one of our Red Cross courses. It would have to be one of our Heart & Stroke courses. (I don't make the rules, sorry)

Do you offer blended courses?

We certainly do. Depending on the course it may be through one of the certifying agency on-line classrooms or it could be through our own on-line classroom.

What is your cancellation policy?

All courses are paid in full at time of registration.  Up to 1 week before the course you may withdraw for a full refund.  Less than 1 week there is a $25.00 administration fee for cancelling. Less than 24 hours notice, we can apply your full amount towards another date. 


Are there minimum numbers of students in a course?

Yes, if you are setting up your own course we require, minimum 4 students for CPR, 6 for Standard First Aid, 8 for Advanced First Aid and 10 for Wilderness First Aid.

Do you do private classes?

We can, but most people find it cost prohibitive.

Is your on-line payment system secure?

Yes, on-line we use PayPal.  Here you can pay by PayPal, if you have an account, or you can select Credit Card payment without a PayPal account.  You can also e-tranfer payments to [email protected]