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Child Care Classes


Babysitting Lessons And Safety Training

This 5 hour course teaches not only the basic skills for looking after infants and children, it goes into many aspects of safety training.

 Included is:

Lesson 1: Getting started

Are You Ready to Care for Children?

Sitter Qualities

Be Prepared to Answer Questions

Be a Good Guest

As They Grow: Ages and

Lesson 2: Safety First

Before Saying “Yes” to a Job

A Few Important Points

When a Stranger Calls

House Rules and Routines

Safety Rules


Carbon Monoxide


Lesson 3: Sitter Basics


Bottle Feeding

Burping the baby

Feeding a baby or toddler


Preparing for bed

Behaviour problems


Sitter's checklist

Lesson 4: First Aid

What is and is not an emergency; calling 911

Minor wounds; bone & joint injuries

Fever; head injuries;nosebleeds; vomiting

Breathing difficulties; and much more

Lesson 5: First Aid Kit

Contents & recommended supplies

Lesson 6: Kid Fun

select age-appropriate children’s games, songs, and activities