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No one wants to think about it but sickness and injuries can happen at the best of times. 
Most people are NOT prepared, but YOU can be!

Please have a look at what we have to offer.  This is your one stop for all types of emergency training; emergency planning; exercise design and patient simulation. We think that you will be impressed with not only the quality of our products but, the years of experience that are behind every one of our courses.

All our instructors are certified with real life substance, not just talk. Not only are they course smart, they are field experienced.

The Emergency Medical Consultants group provide a variety of educational services, custom tailored to meet your needs and/or your professional demands. 

Our WSIB compliant courses are perfect for workplace requirements as well as well as for the needs of students and other individuals seeking First Aid and CPR certification. Emergency Medical Consultants and Training provides peace of mind, the skills and tools, custom tailored to meet your group’s requirements. 

We aim to prepare you to confidently and effectively respond and assist in emergency situations of varying intensity. We take an applied approach and give  you hands on experience to assure you become familiar with particular situations and are able to act quickly. 

"I've done my Wilderness First Aid for the second time, first one done with a different company, and learned so much more. Loved the scenarios. Job well done."  Nico Piennar (Wilderness First Aid)
"Did the Pet First Aid & Disaster Management course. Doug is a great instructor and presented the material in a fun and easy to understand manner. Walked away with a lot of new knowledge and would be comfortable treating injured and sick animals" - Marcel Rasile, Paramedic

"A very good course. I found it physically demanding but the instructor was very helpful in getting me through"
  Linda Thornton  (CPR)

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Real Training, From Real Experience!

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