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Emergency Medical Consultants & Training

Training, Emergency Planning, Simulation

 We are committed to working with you to be successful in our courses. 

If you have any type of Learning, or Physical, Disability, please let us know ahead of the class start date and we will find options to make your course fun, informative and successful.

Douglas Bird, BApB, ACP   

Director of Education

First Aid Training, C.P.R., Emergency Planning & More

CPR Training

  • Basic
  • Health Care Provider
  • E-Training Defibrillator 

First Aid training at all levels

First Aid Training

  • Emergency First Aid - 8 hours
  • Standard First Aid - 16 hours (WSIB Approved)
  • Wilderness First Aid - Basic; Standard & Advanced

Pet First Aid

  • Pet CPR
  • Recognize a sick animal
  • Control Bleeding
  • Disaster Planning 

As seen on the Rick Mercer Report

Babysitting Lessons and Safety Training


  • Proper first aid procedures for common childhood emergencies. 
  • Proper response to common childhood behavioural challenges. 
  • Games and toys appropriate for each age group. 
  • How to childproof a room according to the age of the child. 


  • Emergency Planning
  • Special & Sporting Event Safety Planning
  • Disaster Exercise Design
  • Patient Simulation
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)